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The home page’s image was taken by me during the blizzard of March 2017 in Boston’s Public Gardens.

My portrait was taken by the talented Jacqueline Zhou, a Boston-based photographer. Check out her website, too.

The pictures on the Voice of America tab under Writing section are in the public domain, as VOA is an independent government agency. Those pictures are of a North Korean passport cover, an Indonesian LGBT demonstration, an international student and a caning in the Aceh region of Indonesia.

The pictures on The Daily Free Press tab under the Writing section were used under the generous permission of the FreeP’s Board of Directors. Although taken from various sources, these pictures have already become the FreeP’s property. Sarah Silbiger, who accompanied me in my reporting several times, took the Allston nightclub shooting scene, Mugar library emergency and City Hall rally pictures. Chloe Grinberg took the picture of the ceremony officiating the new Kilachand building in BU. Scott Kirsner kindly provided a photo of himself for my article.

The picture of Eileen Cazaropoul and a collage of Winchester’s old factories, both featured under the Writing tab, are properties of GateHouse Media. I am using them under the fair use provision in order to let my website viewers know of the pictures that went live alongside my news stories.

The logos of Spare Change News and USA Today College were both obtained from their respective websites, also under the fair use provision, in order to let my website viewers know which publications my news stories were published under.

The picture of a Natick street on Boston Marathon was taken by me for BU News Service.

All March4Trump rally pictures under the Photography tab were taken by me.